So, here are a few of our team.



Hi everyone. I am happily married with four lovely children and a cat named Max! I currently work as a childminder and whilst I absolutely love my job I wanted to find something that I could do alongside to offer extra financial income, it was important to me that this could fit in and around all my other commitments.

In March 2016 I saw a post that caught my interest and decided to enquire for more information, it’s fair to say I haven’t looked back since! The concept of buying my groceries through a different company with the benefit of getting paid for it seemed like a unique and exciting opportunity, more so as the company is still in it’s early days! 

I was guided and supported by my upline right from the start of my journey, from the intial sign up, right through to helping me get my first team members Jo and Sharon. Within a month I had a further 4 team members, followed by another 2 shortly after and am already qualified for life with the ability to access the bonuses available, just showing how quickly you can get going with Lifetree World!

I am passionate about ensuring each and every member of Team Sequoia receives the same vital support as I did to not only feel valued but to give you the foundations to build your own team. One of the things I truly love about this company is no one gets left behind and we all work together, incoporating each others strengths and supporting each others development in new areas.

I am truly excited to watch how Lifetree World develops over the coming year, especially with the news we will be opening up to the Republic of Ireland (June 2016) and going global later in the year, now really is an opportune time to join!


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Hi all! Great to see you’ve come along to get to know us! Thanks!

I am married with 3 wonderful daughters. I am currently working within a high school and studying for a BA(hons) in childcare. My aim when I began my degree was to train to be a teacher as I love helping others succeed. However, the more I worked in a teaching support role, the more disillusioned I became with the teaching profession. I was spending too much time with other people’s children and not enough time with my own. I needed to remedy that before my children became adults themselves. I also have a long burning ambition to be a full time artist which has never before been financially viable.

When I found an opportunity to work from home through my monthly grocery shopping I jumped at the chance. The winning elements for me were that the people who introduce you to this business and others around you help build your team, they support you every step of the way. The fact that there is no selling involved, only doing your grocery shopping was an added bonus as I would struggle to sell products to others. So I read the compensation plan, looked at the business model and saw beyond the grocery shopping, I saw the chance to build a team and help others to build theirs. As the company only began in February 2015 I saw the chance of joining at ground floor level and being a part of a fantastic team as it goes global.

I joined Team Sequoia at Lifetree World in the middle of March 2016, paid my £35 registration fee, bought my shopping, had my shopping delivered. I now have two direct downline members who I help to build their teams and my first bonus of £200 is within reach, which will effectively mean I will be repaid the money I spend on my shopping. My direct upline is Emma Brooks who you can see on this page. I have been helped by Emma and my team mates Jo (also on this page) and Vicki every step of my journey and wish to help others succeed too.



Hello everyone! Well, this is a little about me. I was once referred to as being a ‘Jack of All Trades & Master of None’.  My response – so I’ve got a broad skill set and I’m always seeking new challenges!  It’s safe to say that throughout my whole career I have been searching for something … what that something was I couldn’t actually tell you, all I knew was that there had to be more to life than ‘this’.  I’ve always wanted to do something a little bit different hence why my background is mainly in intelligence and investigation and why I’m now working as a Customer Liaison Officer on a Debt Management Team.  My role can be quite challenging and stressful with long hours and more often than not I’m surrounded by negativity.

When I saw this opportunity I was immediately intrigued!  Something so mundane had suddenly become very interesting and I would get paid for it! So I watched the presentation and looked through the company compensation plan and I was IN!!!  The deciding factors for me were that 1) I didn’t have to sell anything 2) it’s an opportunity to get into a business at the ‘grass roots’ level and 3) I can share a real opportunity with others that could be the vehicle they need to making those much wanted changes. 
I joined Team Sequoia along with Sharon in the middle of March.  I paid the one off £35 registration fee and did my first shop. I have my first direct team member with others registering shortly and will then focus on helping them build their teams.  My first bonus of £200 is within reach which means that my shopping in effect will have paid for itself.
I am so excited about what the company has to offer right now but more importantly what it will offer me (and you) in the future …. to put it bluntly I am looking to sack the boss and work from home!!!
We are all here to help you build a successful business and you won’t lack for help and support from both myself and Team Sequoia as a whole!

Hey everyone,

I’m mum to one little person and a fur baby, and wife to my lovely and very hard working husband! (I’m also a bit of a practical joker and mischief maker and although I work hard, I really like to have fun doing so!) I’ve worked in the corporate insurance world for 14 years and most recently have found my way into the Insurance Software industry. Even though this has been my area of experience, I have also been predominantly involved in social and business events organisation.

The reason I chose Lifetree World is really simple but so important to me. My husband works long night shifts and I work the Mon-Fri 9:00-5:30. In total we get to spend the grand total of four days a month together as a family! This has been the biggest frustration in my life! I didn’t marry my best friend and have a child to spend 90% of my time alone and with my little one in childcare! With that in mind, I have been looking for a way to transform our lives and to spend more time as a wife and mother than as an ’employee’.

I  have tried other mlm’s but all seemed to take up the very little and precious spare time I had. This wasn’t what I wanted! Then suddenly I was introduced to a concept which didn’t interfere with my spare time but meant all I had to do was swap who I bought my monthly shopping from!! Initially I couldn’t believe it was really as simple as that but now, a while into my journey and it really IS that simple!

 joined Emma’s team at the end of March with Jo and Sharon which has been excellent because we’ve been able to build our team ethos together and get totally excited about our future as a team rather than individuals out on our own! I don’t have to sell, I don’t have to recruit and I don’t have to leave my home to do any of it!

What’s more, the registration outlay was a mere £35! I’ve spent more a month on gym memberships I never used!! I’m so delighted I chose this avenue and really hope you choose to join us too because the prospects are real and the support is second to none! Team Sequoia is the place to be!