The Happiness Tag Challenge

Ok – so here we go! Thank you to Brilliance Within for nominating Team Sequoia Lifetree World to complete this ‘Happiness Tag’ challenge! It was SO fun to do!

The rules are simple; Write about 5 things that make me happy, 5 songs that make me happy and nominate 5 ‘happy’ bloggers to complete the tag too if they fancy sharing a bit of happiness!!

5 things that make me happy;

1: Sleep!!
Sleep makes me happy!
Why?? Because it’s so under appreciated!! Sleep is like being engulfed by a beautiful, big, cosy, snug bear! That moment my head hits the pillow (and I’m not gawping at some sort of social media post or some ridiculous online quiz that’s going to tell me what cereal type I was in a past life!!) The feeling that starts from the bottom of my feet and trickles up through my whole body to the top of my head! That magical relaxation you and I call…. Calm.
As everything stops and suddenly you feel yourself begin to drift off, everything feels so lovely and fuzzy 🙂 that is, until suddenly you do that falling thing!! The jolt!! You’re almost in an in between state of awake and the sleepy place and you suddenly think ‘Sh#t – I’m falling off the BED!!’ And you roll back to stop yourself waking in the process to realise it was just a prank!! Your cheeky little mind decided to trick you just before reaching dreamland!! Well that’s why sleep makes me happy because if my little boy isn’t keeping me from sleep, my husbands snoring is and if neither of these two are keeping me from sleep, my own BRAIN is so when it happens, it’s literally magic!!


2. Crisps!
I love crisps…. They make me happy. They don’t judge. They don’t tease. They just ARE.
Salt and Vinegar, Beef and Onion, maybe even a cheeky Prawn Cocktail. They don’t make you slim but neither do they rot your teeth like chocolate and Coke! That’s gotta be a winner!
The happiest moments in my crisp trance eating is when you get that one crisp which has been COATED in the flavour you’ve chosen SO much that you can’t sit and just munch it, you have to suck all those artificial flavours, chemicals and heart attack inducing salts off it until it’s nothing but a soggy potato! Mmmmmmmm!


3. Popping Zits!
This is a particular pass time of mine. If I see a big beautiful zit, I’ve just GOTTA get my fingers round it! There’s nothing more satisfying than a massive blackhead though! NOTHING! Especially those ones that shoot out like a perfectly formed bullet!! Awesome!
There’s a Dr in the USA called Dr. Zit Popper (or something like that). She has a YouTube channel! I am happy to shamelessly admit that I will watch those bad boys over and over! Even my four year old seems to have inherited my fascination with uber zits! He watches these videos with me!!
He’s become so accustomed to the process, and so used to watching me try and zap hubby’s back zits (which unfortunately are VERY rare and pretty disappointing) that if I’m exposing any skin on my back, HE starts having a go at any of the suckers that may have appeared!!!
Zit popping – it NEEDS to be made a national sport!


4. Ice Cream.
Doesn’t ice cream make EVERYONE happy?
Ice cream means it’s summer! This means HOT…. This means FUN times.
Ice cream also means movie time! A tub of Phish Food and I feel like I’ve finally discovered the meaning of life!!
Ice cream in the winter means I’m being rebellious! Going against the grain! Sticking my fingers up at the ‘conventional’ way of life! HA! Have that!! Yes it’s snowing! Yes it’s raining! Yes it’s DARK by 3pm but THIS Momma does NOT care!! I am DOING IT!!
Add in some sprinkles and it’s like a moment from childhood right there in that bowl!! A memory of once putting hundreds and thousands on my raspberry ripple ice cream and the lid coming off so it was impaled with all these little sugar pellets…. Then trying each time thereafter to make that lid come off again but it never did!!!
Ice cream makes me happy because it’s magic in a tub! (Or on a stick…. Or in a packet!)


5. Bedtime for my Little One!
This makes me happy because as much as NOTHING ELSE in this world REALLY makes me happier than time with my AWESOME little person (including Sleep, Crisps, Zit popping OR Ice Cream… ) bed time means I can be ME for a couple of hours. Just a couple but it means I can watch Geordie Shore on catch up or steam through Netflix with a glass of something bubbly in one hand (probably a Diet Coke) and a packet of crisps or a tub of ice cream in the other! I don’t have to share, I don’t have to pretend it’s ‘got alcohol in it’ and I don’t have to remember all the words to the SpongeBob SquarePants theme tune….. I can just….be…….. Until I realise I’ve been watching Paw Patrol for 45 minutes while ACTUALLY scrolling through Facebook and eating a few left over, soft chedders from little mans lunch! Then getting overly emotional about how much I ADORE my mini-me and how much I really wish I could go up there and scoop him up and snuggle him all night long!
Truth be told, I truly love bedtime with my little man because after all the madness of the day, all the rushing and routines, bedtime is when I finally get to hold him close. I get to read him his favourite Mr.Man book and sing him his favourite ‘You Are My Sunshine’ while stroking the side of his silky smooth cheek. X
He too loves his bedtime because he gets undivided and total attention as he listens to my words and allows his imagination to run wild with the story. He loves to ask for ‘lots of Sunshines please mummy’ to help lull him off to a place of calm while holding the hand that isn’t stroking his face X
Bedtime for my little person isn’t just for me to get some peace, it’s for us both to share our time and enjoy those cuddles which round the day off beautifully xx

Now, please pass me the remote 😉 xxx


5 Songs that make me happy:

Madonna;  La Isla Bonita! This reminds me of holidays when I was young with my family. We always went to the same villa complex, had such fantastic times, knew all the other families and had a blast.


Tom Jones; ALL of them, purely because he reminds me of my dad! He looked like him and even sang like him. Delilah was his favourite song and this is what makes me smile x


Cyndi Lauper; Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, of course! Lol x I used to listen to Cyndi when I was getting ready for a night on the town with my girlfriends  and it was also the song and music video I recorded on my Hen weekend!!


Michael Jackson; Thriller, loved that song, just reminds me of being an eighties chic and taking my youngest to a Michael Jackson tribute act a couple of years ago. Shania Twain, from this moment. Wedding song, from this moment, life has begun. It certainly did begin then too xx


Tears for Fears; Everybody Wants To Rule The World! I can’t really tell you why this makes me happy but the minute that first bar starts I get a lovely feeling inside and I just want to whack it up and dance like a mad woman in my lounge! My Epitome of music happiness! X






6 thoughts on “The Happiness Tag Challenge

  1. Wendy says:

    😂😂😂😂 oh yes I just knew you’d make me laugh and you haven’t disappointed 😂😂😂😂 That’s a cracker of a post.. oh no hang on its crisps not crackers.. got to be prawn cocktail!! Hubby back zit popping … yep definitely!! Tom Jones ☺😘 Hey .. ain’t your mum the lucky one!! Thanks for making me laugh loudly!!! Xx

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