Rebuild – A Tribute to my Father

Daily Post Prompt – Rebuild

“Make it stop”, she says through teary eyes

“No way, no more”, we hear her cry.

Her loss is a pain that cannot go,

her father, rock, her true hero.


The wretched torment twists inside,

the throes of grief she cannot hide.

His image she holds within her hand,

“Why him?” She does not understand.


Taken abruptly, unexpectedly,

the cancer took hold so rapidly.

A week goes by, a month, a year,

he’s still so missed, much loved and very dear.


Her time since loss has passed so slow,

rock bottom being the only place she’s known.

She sits and thinks of times gone by,

she hears a voice, “I did not die”.


“I am here with you for eternity”.

She spins around with urgency,

“Did I? Was it? Is he really here?”

she lifts her head, she feels no fear.


Her darkened heart feels warmth inside,

a feeling somehow not justified.

“It’s time dear child to live again,

to laugh, to love, cast out the pain”.


“Your life’s a story yet unfulfilled,

I’ll give you the strength you need to rebuild.

One page at a time, we’ll get you through,

If you ever feel lost,  know I love you!”


A hand touches her shoulder, a breeze blows by,

“But Dad I’m not ready to say goodbye!”

“Rebuild, my child, rebuild for me,

you’re broken, it’s clear for me to see”.


“I’m with you forever, in heart and mind,

stride forward my daughter, no more rewind”.

She sits up straight, she knows she can,

her father was always her biggest fan.


“Goodbye dear Dad”, she whispers through choked back tears,

“You have loved me so much throughout the years.

I’ll make you proud just wait and see,

I’ll be the best me I could ever be”.


With that his presence fades away,

but in her heart he’ll always stay.

She blows a kiss and looks on high,

for now she is finally ready to fly.

Love you always Dad,

Sharon xx






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