Teenage Mutant Stinking Hormones


TEENAGERS!!! Every parent’s worst nightmare, and for those of you looking at your darling angel as you read this and are thinking this won’t be me……. trust me it will!

It is just a fact that as every child hits that milestone they change overnight and the once sweet, innocent little cherub you loved so dearly becomes suddenly replaced by an extremely well-acted Kevin and Perry lookalike! I myself have two teenagers and I can assure you they are both extremely efficient at ensuring I claim a grey hair and wrinkle daily!

You would think that being a teenager once myself I could totally relate to their angst at life in general but to be honest I don’t understand them at all! They can be so opinionated, stubborn, stroppy and unreasonable about the smallest thing and you can guarantee in their eyes Mum does NOT know best! I question my parents about how they survived these years without it resulting in them rocking in a corner, did they simply have a better understanding or was it because I was a model teenager?!………doubtful! Either way it is a fair conclusion that as a parent of teenagers karma will come knocking to inflict your former self on yourself, enjoy!

2016-06-12 20.14.45

It is also well known teenagers are highly unpredictable creatures and should carry an approach with caution sign, after all what might send them into an absolute melt down one day will be a little blip in the road another. When the world is against them though and by that I mean mum said NO their favourite pastime is to slam any door as loud as they can adding “I HATE YOU” for dramatic effect!

Also I feel I should warn you teenagers have a distinct lack of ability to find a bin?! My worst nightmare is cleaning my son’s bedroom, trust me anyone with boys will know what I mean! Just today I stepped into the hazard zone and found a load of snotty tissues that had lovingly been thrown onto the floor, toenails strategically placed anywhere that would hide them and numerous empty deodorant cans, Kim and Aggie would have a field day! It is fair to say teenagers are grim!

I have only had the pleasure of boys going through the teenage years so I have no idea what girls are like, although I suspect by my dad’s evil laugh it doesn’t bode well…….did I mention I have another son and daughter to grace me with this period too…….gulp! Well I feel slightly better prepared and will ensure three things, I will….

1 Buy ear plugs…… to insert the minute I reply no to something

2 Invest in door stops

3 Takes shares out in wine……and chocolate!


Enjoy the years, they fly by too fast!

All my love

Emma x


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