Word Prompt: Transformation

About 20 years ago my now husband was offered some casual work by a friend. He was asked if he would like to earn some money lifting bundles of newspapers onto lorries all through the night. At 17, the money glittered like a gem to a magpie so with his first pratt-mobile to buy and a wardrobe of chavtastic attire to purchase, he went for it.

After a year or so, he was offered a permanent contract with this National Newspaper and a great salary for his age!
Back then, ‘the print’ paid well. Everyone bought a paper daily and the work was never ending.
Over the years, he was given more opportunities to progress through the company and worked in a number of different departments. When we met, 10 years ago, he was what they called a ‘Line Operator’. This meant that he spent all day, or all night (as this was a 24/7 plant) watching newspapers running on his line. His main excitement of the shift was when there was a ‘jam-up’ and he was able to get his hands dirty and get fixing the issue. Oh how the long Summer nights just FLEW by!!


Not long after we moved in together, he was offered the opportunity to move to a different department to train as a Supervisor!
We were over the moon and I was SO proud of him! By this point we were engaged too so the increased salary was really going to be useful in paying towards our wedding!

As he got into the swing of the role, he really started to grasp it and was receiving great feedback! He was working long 12 hour day shifts and working every other weekend but it was all going to be worth it. Then, out of nowhere, he was asked to move onto nights…… Permanently! It wasn’t much fun – for either of us really. We lived in a one bedroom flat so as he was getting into bed at 7am, I had to keep quiet or go out until he was awake (understandably).


It was ok but after almost a year, it started to get a little tense between us. I saw a transformation in my man which meant he was becoming quite grumpy, short tempered and generally a bit of a grot! Not only that, our lovely home wasn’t getting the TLC it deserved either because I couldn’t crack on with the things that needed doing for worrying that I’d wake him. Now, I know our other halves all have their moments but we were getting to the point where we didn’t have as many of the nice moments together as we used to. Not to mention that I worked Mon-Fri whereas he worked throughout the week and every other weekend. Our time together was limited.

It wasn’t a bed of roses anyway but regardless of the grumps, we still loved each other very much and knew that it wouldn’t be for ever…..

By this point we were married and after a couple of years of marriage, my Mr was moved back on to days! It was the BEST news I’d heard in a VERY long time!
We were so excited and realised that the gritting of our teeth had been worth it.


Not long after this, we discovered I was expecting our first baby. Everything was falling in to place and all we needed now was to move to a bigger home….. We managed to rent a little 2 bed Victorian Terrace just a couple of months before our little boy arrived.

We lived in our house for a year and a half before an opportunity arose for us to buy our dream home in a little village 25 miles from where we were. We LEAPT at the chance and could hardly believe it when we had the keys in our hand! It literally was like a dream come true (and let me just take a moment to remind you that dreams really can be a reality! You just have to keep believing and visualising your wish. The Universe will crack on with the rest for you.)


I think we had lived in our lovely little house for about six months when suddenly, we were given the news that Hubby was being given a forced promotion…… On to nights! No choice whatsoever! Take it, or clear off! So, new mortgage, a baby and we had no choice, he had to take it.

That was the worst situation we’ve been in.
The transformation of my Mr from happy, fun and pleasant to exhausted, unhappy and frustrated was almost instant.
It was like a merry go round and we passed like ships in the night. He left for work at 4pm, I got home at 6pm. He came home from work at 7:30am, I left for work at 8:15am! It was relentless.
Not only this but I’m a bit of a tyrant and after moving in, wanted nothing more than to put our stamp on our home but in the FOUR days we spent together a month, he was so tired or we were visiting family, that nothing got done!


We were in a rut! And we were being snappy with each other over the most insignificant things! I think one day we had an argument over a pair of shoes being left in the kitchen….. That was impressive! I’m sure my poor neighbours must have thought a fishwife had moved in next door!!
But still, regardless of all the strains, we kept going and remained a team.


This was actually one of the biggest reasons that I chose to join Team Sequoia in a network marketing venture. I wanted a second income stream to help get him out of his work and into something else but also to allow me to build a business that would give us more time together as a family! It was just the right time and an easy type of business to manage as all I need to do is buy my shopping through a different website to the norm! Nothing to sell and nothing taxing to take any of the precious time we had together, away! Perfect!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.22.42


Then last year, it all changed. We made the decision together that enough was enough and Hubby requested voluntary redundancy. After 20 years and far too many permanent nights, it was time for us to make a change and do what was right for us as a family!
Not only that, but the transformation of the newspaper market was a massive decline as everyone just read the news on their little hand held pieces of brilliance! The Internet was slowly finishing the newspaper industry and we wanted to be in control of when he left rather than having it sprung on us! So – he went for it!


By now he was the Publishing Manager of the night Shift and as such, it took 10 months from asking to leave until actually walking away!
It’s quite apt this evening that the word of the day is Transformation because I only posted a status on my personal Facebook account last night with the following:

“My new husband is just like the one I remember from a few years ago but with a few upgrades :)’

It’s fair to say, the transformation I have seen in my fella been astronomical and instant. He’s happy, relaxed, grateful and just, well, pretty perfect really ….(shhhhhhh, don’t tell him).

It’s fab having my husband back, it’s better than fab having company in the evening but with every gain must come some loss and my biggest sense of loss is the control I had over the remote! RIP Netflix – it’s been emotional xxx

Lots of Love,




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