Disconnect to Reconnect


Day in, day out we are connected in some way, be it through facebook, twitter, Instagram……….in fact I often wondered what would happen if for just one day we stopped!

What if we all disconnected from the internet and reconnected in person? I mean what ever happened to a good old chin  with your friends………in person, or writing a letter to your pen pal…………yes once upon a time I did have one!

I don’t know about you but my husband and I have fallen into really bad habits, the children go to bed and from about 8pm until bed we sit and stare at our phone and ipod! Sure this means we have a very happy marriage as I am not chewing his ear off (as he puts it) and he gets to stare at tin cans (which is what I refer to as his car interest), however we don’t sit and talk………well not like we did before we had a gazillion different ways to access the net!

Well Saturday just gone, we stopped, we turned our phones off and spent time together. As a birthday treat he whisked me off to a lovely hotel where we had the most amazing dinner! I won’t lie the prospect of being without my phone for more than a couple of hours……..oh who am I kidding……minutes, filled me with dread! I mean what if someone needed to get hold of me, what if I missed a highly important message………the panic was IMMENSE!!!

2016-06-07 15.56.56

It took a huge amount of will power to press that off button and place my phone down on the bedside table, it seriously felt like I was leaving my access to the world behind! Sad state of affairs really, I admit. So we headed down for our meal and spent the next 4 hours TALKING, actually TALKING to each other, and do you know what I realised that even after 15 years together we still have plenty to chat about………quite a relief I must admit!

In fact we had such a lovely time that we came away that night knowing that we really needed to take time to connect the good old fashioned way and make more effort to see family and friends in person rather than through facebook chat! I don’t want my children growing up with a phone permanently glued to their hands and I realise now that things need to change!

2016-06-07 15.50.49

So we have made a vow, my phone and ipod respectively will be turned off every now and again so we can stop getting distracted by the constant ping of the latest update on facebook and have some quality time together, engaging in proper conversation to appreciate what life was like before google!!!


Yours connected at present

Emma x


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