Awkward Account of a Coffee Shimmered, Crappy Crimped Childhood

Childhood…… Such a short but magical thing! Being a child must be awesome! I wouldn’t know though because I really can’t remember!!! You only get 12 years of life as a child…. At thirteen you reach your teenage years and after 6 years there you’re suddenly into adulthood! What happened??? Did I BLINK???? I already see it in my own child. He was only born yesterday but in September he starts school and I feel like I’ve missed so much. I know that with Lifetree World as my business venture, I will be able to stay at home more soon but his childhood really is flying before my very eyes!


One minute they’re babies then suddenly they’re classed as a toddler, then a child!! It’s strange though how clicking over to that next birthday year can make such huge and sudden changes! A friend recently told me that they went on holiday to Cyprus with their two adorable children. Their youngest had her second birthday while away on holiday. On the flight out there at a year and 11 1/2 months old she was able to sit on her mummy’s lap with a lap belt but on the way home, the cabin crew FLATLY refused to allow their now two year old to sit on the parents lap and she HAD to sit in her own seat. They stated that they would not be taking off until their little girl was sat and would stay sitting in the seat! How does the difference of a day or two into your second birthday suddenly make your child mature enough to understand the rules of air travel???? HellOOOOO?? Cue a minor melt down of a newly celebrated two year old and two very stressed parents who just wanted the flight to be over….. They should offer you vodka on an IV in situations like that!!


It’s crazy today though, because you see all these children who should be out enjoying their short and precious childhoods (before mortgages, council tax bills and petrol prices) on their bikes, playing Curby, football or manhunt (my personal fave) when instead they have their heads down facing a screen and reading about it all instead! I’m convinced we will move into an generation of adults with upper back deformities or troubles due to their posture. I’m also genuinely concerned that the return of rickets is probable….. But I’m just a woman who’s sitting at home looking at her smartphone screen and typing away about it with my thumbs which are probably heading for early arthritis as a result!


My point is, childhood is so short and the expectation we have on children as well as the pressure put on them via all the social media and media channels is a sad and vicious circle. You never see 12 year old girls with too much pink Barbie lipstick, blue mascara, a half up, half down crimped hairstyle and a really awful wardrobe anymore…. The awkwardness of that age is gone! They put me to shame! At 12, I was wearing my Coffee shimmer lippy, crimped my hair (badly), wore a (BADLY) co-ordinated shell suit and was CONVINCED my ‘Nicks’ trainers were Nikes!! I was the epitome of awkward! Nowadays, instead of making me feel better about my childhood blunders, all these little girls now look like perfectly pruned supermodels with a pout that Kate Moss would be proud of….. Even young lads with more brand names on their day to day clothing than I have owned in my whole life!!

Kids!! Be kids! Please!? Enjoy your childhood for what it is because you have forever to be an adult. Play knock-up-Ginger, pinch your mum’s favourite lippy for the under 18’s disco and for goodness sake, please go through an awkward stage! Your parents REALLY need some photographic evidence to embarrass you with on your 18th birthday (because believe it or not, that’s a standard life requirement) and I REALLY need to feel better about MY awkward 12 year old self!


Lots of love, Vicki XxxxX
Daily Post Prompt Challenge:  Childhood


7 thoughts on “Awkward Account of a Coffee Shimmered, Crappy Crimped Childhood

  1. Wendy says:

    Oh so true – the years fly by – my youngest is now 27 and yet sometimes it still feels like yesterday that we were ‘cloud watching’.. Now I have 2 gorgeous granddaughters to ‘cloud watch’ with and I appreciate every moment with them as I recognise how quickly this magical time will pass. You are so right about the ‘technology’ though – we are definitely part of a ‘revolution’ that has changed the face of communication.. x


    • teamsequoiaatlifetreeworld says:

      Thank you Wendy. The memories we have with our children are so precious but I do sometimes wish that technology and contouring would simply slow down. Enjoy the time with your grandchildren too – they make the world go round x

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wendy says:

        My sister has 6 children (age ranging 18-40) – 5 girls and 1 boy – Contouring is RIFE! hahaha… Having said that I could do with some lessons myself to ‘contour’ out my double chin… haha. I love having my granddaughters over and we’re very fortunate that they only live a few minutes away so we are able to spend loads of time together – precious moments… x

        Liked by 1 person

    • teamsequoiaatlifetreeworld says:

      Haha! Totally agree! Glad you can relate. That body glitter had a smell like no other. Body glitter coupled with the’Sun-In’ you always used when staying at your best friends house in the summer holidays and your hair went yellow instead of blonde! A glittery chupa-chups lollipop! Fetching 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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