The Sky is NOT the Limit!

Daily Post Prompt – Sky

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘The sky is the limit!’? My life is plagued with memories of people advising me on my life and finishing the conversation with ‘The sky’s the limit! Just go for it!’ Heck! I’ve even found myself saying it to other people!!! It’s like the ‘go-to’ piece of advice if you’re trying to encourage someone in their moment of uncertainty.

When I first heard the phrase I would have been quite small. Probably five or six. The sky, at that age seemed just a slight tree climb away. A mere reach out of my bedroom window. Anything must have been possible if you only had to aim for a little patch of blue…. (Or grey, going on recent ‘skies’) But suddenly I was a thirty something mum of one and the sky seemed so vast!

It’s not just the distance to which you need to reach either but the sheer enormity of the amount of sky!! Where do you start? It suddenly seems like such an open phrase. One of mocking and teasing. A bit like being five again with your older brother or sister holding your favourite toy way above their head. You jump, climb, clamber but no matter how hard you reach, that toy is just a mile away! That’s how this sky instantly felt!

When I was eight I decided my dream would be to become a Musical Theatre Performer. We had no extra money for me to attend any dance or theatre classes but back then, it didn’t matter! It was what I wanted and nothing was going to stop me! That sky was not even a leap away…. All I needed was a little more height and I would be able to grab it. I reckoned that about my 12 year old height ought to do it! As I started senior school I took part in all the shows and joined the after school drama club. I did everything and more that I could physically get involved in. There was nothing else I wanted in life by 16 than to either be on stage, or make it as a famous actor! I couldn’t imagine that any part of my future involved anything other than treading the boards! I worked hard on my GCSE’s and got great results but going onto A-Levels was a much bigger challenge. I tried for almost a school year to put my all into it but I just felt like I was being shoehorned into completing these exams to please everyone around me as opposed to doing what really made my soul sing!

I discovered my local college ran a recognised Performing Arts qualification and decided I HAD to get on that course. I auditioned and fortunately, as I already had my GCSE results, I got an unconditional acceptance. I was over the moon! The sky had just fallen into my hands! This was IT!

The course was two years and I LOVED it! Doing what I loved most gave me some purpose and being around people who had chosen the same course meant everyone wanted to be there as opposed to being at school and just sticking it out because your mates were there!

Once I finished my course though, I was a little lost. I didn’t know what to do next. We didn’t have the Internet at home then so I couldn’t search for advice or guidance from the World Wide Web! I had to rely on me!

I ended up doing a season as a holiday park entertainer. It was hard work and the people I worked with were really unkind and spiteful. I loved the rehearsing and performing side but the rest of the time I was just unhappy.

Suddenly the sky that was in the palm of my hands was being batted away by this group of people and their nasty ways and comments. My confidence was sapped and insecurities took it’s place.

Moving forward almost 15 years and apart from some Amateur Dramatic performances and way too much karaoke, I haven’t performed again.

It felt for some time that I had failed. I hadn’t reached the sky after all. What a let down! What a waster! All that opportunity and I blew it. Then one evening, (quite recently) I was letting the dog out before bed. While I waited for her, I looked up into the night sky. Something I have always loved to do. There wasn’t a cloud in sight and the universe was aglow in all it’s glory right above my head. My mind wandered and thoughts came and went when all of a sudden it hit me. I’d done it! I’d reached the sky! Right there in front of me was my very own little piece of sky – all mine! And the reason it suddenly felt that I had the sky back in the palm of my hands was because seeing the sky as my limit was so restricting! Spending all my life looking up to something that everyone and anyone could behold when right here, right now I have my own little piece of sky! Right here in my little home with my precious little family and our fluffy little fur-baby, my Lifetree World business and just our ‘things’ around us. I had never felt so fulfilled and it was no one else’s to take from me nor for them to aim for – all mine.

Suggesting to people that the sky is the limit isn’t a bad thing. It’s great to have aims, but often the biggest sense of achievement comes from knowing that actually, we already have our very own piece of sky right in the palm of our hands – it just happens that sometimes you have to go through a few things and wait a while until you can actually feel it xxx.

Happy Friday everyone. Life is a journey, not a destination – enjoy it xxxx

Love from, Vicki XxxxX


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