Fulfilling your Purpose

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Ever wondered what your actual purpose on earth is? I mean do you feel like you’ve found your true calling in life? If you have, how long did it actually take you to find it?


I can honestly say after 42 years and much to-ing and fro-ing I finally think I have found my true purpose in life and will soon be in a good financial position to concentrate solely on that thanks to my Lifetree World business!


By 28 I was a single mum working 42 hours a weeks in a factory, standing facing a machine, printing around 5000 washing machine dials a day, going home, cleaning the mess my children had made after being spoilt by Grandma all day and, finally, when they were in bed, getting a well deserved shower and putting my feet up. I actually never thought I would get anywhere with anything or be in any position to help anyone. (Well apart from helping them control the temperature of their washes so the colour didn’t run).Days, weeks, months repeated over and over. Surely this was not what I was meant to do?


Fast forward a few years later and, after marrying and having a third daughter I unfortunately lost my Dad to the dreaded C. When you lose someone so close it surely does make you re-evaluate where you’re going in life. I thought long and hard and started training to be a teacher, that would be a fab career where I get to help others. Along the way I became a Special Needs Support Assistant to a very lovely little boy with autism. I loved that time of my life, I just knew I was doing what I was meant to be doing. He loved to have a laugh, he loved to act out plays with me, he loved to paint with me.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 21.43.13

All good things come to an end though and he grew and went on to a primary school that had their own support assistants. Gutted is not the word, you develop such a strong bond with children when you work with them 1 to 1. I’m still in touch with his mum who sends me regular updates and he’s doing so well at primary, I feel so proud!


So that’s what I want to do, make a difference to children who need that extra support. I am a portrait artist and sell commissions alongside my day job teaching in a high school and my home business LTW. I am about to finish my degree in childcare and have become totally disillusioned with the education system due to finance and results being the main focus of our UK government, the children who  need us most are becoming lost in the system.


So what is it I want to do? My goal is to one day open up an art therapy group that is totally free for all children with extra needs. I know it WILL happen one day, my Dad will be proud of me, I will be proud of me and most of all, I will be fulfilling my purpose.


The future’s bright, it’s covered in paint!

Love Sharon xx



3 thoughts on “Fulfilling your Purpose

  1. Wendy says:

    I know a few teachers who have felt so disillusioned with the teaching profession that they’ve left it behind them – it’s so sad that this is happening.. I wish you every success with your artistic ventures! Add it to your Vision Board…


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