Faith Restored


ANGRY!!!……I wonder how many of you have felt like that today?!


ANGRY at the alarm clock rudely awakening you on the one day you can have a lay in!

ANGRY at the rubbish your teenage kids seem to leave scattered in their room, despite a bin being placed strategically next to their bed!

ANGRY at the fact the parcel you have been waiting all day for appears miraculously the next day……when you are OUT!

ANGRY at the driver who decides that the coolest place to now park is entirely on the pavement, blocking it completely and proving yet again that having a brain clearly isn’t a requirement these days!

ANGRY that you just sit down for a cuppa and slice of cake you have been looking forward to all day and the doorbell goes!

I think you get the drift!

I wonder how many of you let all these niggles build up slowly until you are like a volcano ready to erupt!!!!

Well not me! Not anymore! I choose to not let these things bother me anymore, after all most of it occurs due to this little thing called ‘SODS LAW!’

Since joining Lifetree World I have been learning a thing or two about positive thinking you see and I have a saying and that is ‘Everything happens for a reason’. So no matter what life throws at you there will be a greater reason for events then you yet realise.

Take my first mlm company for example I truly felt I had failed as I seemed to struggle with sales, with finding time that it needed, with chasing orders & money……I began to feel angry with myself for investing so much with little reward……. however, what I didn’t realise at the time was this path was actually leading me towards a job role that would be perfect!

You see because of my first mlm I crossed paths with my wonderful mentor Claire Dixon and when I noticed one of her posts mentioning a revolutionary network marketing company that involved no selling, time that I felt I could spare and no chasing orders or money I jumped at the chance! Finally, I could see that there was a reason for it all! Needless to say I joined Lifetree World and haven’t looked back since.

It really does just go to show that when you are feeling angry about something it could just be possible that something better is coming your way, you just need to have that faith!

All my love

Emma x



4 thoughts on “Faith Restored

    • teamsequoiaatlifetreeworld says:

      It’s the motto that gets me through the bad days……and generally there is always a reason at the end of it. Amazing how things have a way of working out!


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