Life is a Circus – Period

Daily Post Prompt of the Day – Circus

Being female is often extremely complicated. Maybe I’m on my own on this one but personally I worry daily about what I look like! I worry what someone I’ve never spoken to, who’s sitting on the other side of the restaurant thinks of me! I also worry if what I’ve just text my mate is being read the way it’s meant to at the other end!
It would be so wonderful to wake up one morning and just not really care!
Mind you, being me – I’d probably be just as worried that I had nothing to worry about!!!


Let me try and portray one of the everyday dramas of little old me…..
I’ll start with this one… PERIODS!
The frustrating but incredible work of nature! So very clever how all of a sudden your body decides that the intense headache, (verging on migraine) that you’ve had for a week wasn’t enough. The beautiful big spot you’ve been sporting on the end of your nose like a seasoned Circus Clown for nearly five days was simply just a warm up. And that lovely, attractive bloat that has had you’re nearest and dearest secretly questioning ‘is she? Or isn’t she?’ for the last few days really wasn’t enough punishment for being female so let me introduce you to….. TADAAAAA…. Your monthly period!! Tummy cramps, grumps, moodiness and a generally feeling of ‘I hate you all!!’

All this just in time for my holiday…. But it was going to be ok because I had ordered my favourite brand of tampons in my last Lifetree World Shop so I was prepared and ready to take on the world!!!

Picture the scene; I’m on my first foreign holiday with my little family. Unfortunately, I have not been blessed with a clockwork period and this cow bag creeps up on me from nowhere!
It’s hot, it’s humid, the onsite shop sells Lays, Cheetos and the Porto Santo fridge magnet and I am at the mercy of one sadistic Mother Nature and one simple pack of tampons!!! Not to mention my almost completely white holiday wardrobe selection!

tampax aunt flo

It all started on Tuesday….. The threat from my body that Aunt Flo was on her way…. I decide that considering my attire for the day was no more than my beautiful yellow Tankini, I would make sure I was fully prepared so the old bag couldn’t catch me out!!! Ha!!! Take that, Mother Nature! You can’t take this mamma on today!

cya sucker

I enjoyed a lovely day by the pool. Not a care in the world. Playing pirates with my little boy. We wandered along the beach too and enjoyed a leisurely lunch.
When we returned to our room I was fully prepared for the fact that the old witch would have made her vengeance known…..nothing! Nada! Nowt!!
This went on for three days!!!! I’m now down to half a pack of tampons and very few patience!!!! Finally after all the teasing by the old hag, she decided she would hold off no longer….. As usual she rudely awoke me from a beautiful sleep with a pain similar to a punch in the stomach!

Stumbling across our freezer cold hotel room from the blasting air-con, bleary eyed and stifling a yelp as I stand on a particularly pointy piece of Lego, I have to rifle around a dark bathroom until I’m ready to return to slumber!!!

As the days go on through our holiday, all is good with the world…. No dramas, the tummy ache goes and the time with my little family continues as magical memories are created.
…..All until I look in that box and I’m left with one little, lonesome tampon staring me in the face. It’s wrapper glistening under the bathroom spotlights. Almost laughing at me knowing that as things were going, that one little cheeky tampon was NOT going to see me through, if you get me?!


My mind raced…… I thought back to the little onsite shop….. The Cheetos…? This will NOT do!
Panic sets in as I contemplate my next course of action! Do I ask the next lady I see by the pool? The staff? Cleaners? Oh heck! I think I need another Mojito!!!!
I decide to do the only thing I know in this situation….. RAID EVERY ZIP IN ANY BAG I HAVE…… As I frantically search the zip of my beach bag, the umpteen zips on my handbag and the small zip pocket in my suitcase it was a moment of untampered beauty as like the sound of singing Angels, a small pack of these little monthly cycle life savers dropped out of the old handbag I’d dragged from the back of my spare wardrobe ‘just in case’ it happened to match one of my evening outfits!!!
‘Aaahhhhhh, haaaaaa’!
They almost glowed with a halo….. I thanked my lucky stars and skipped back to the poolside then checked with the completely unaware and oblivious hubby – ‘Mojito??’


Being a female is complex – but without the dramas, life wouldn’t be half as exciting 😉 xx

Lots of love,
Vicki xxxxx


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