Lacking in Inspiration


How apt that the word of today should be blank.  Why is that you might say, well I usually have a lot to say for myself but when it comes to blogging I seem to draw a blank most of the time – even with help.

I'm drawing a blank


I wonder what it is about me that’s different and why I seem to struggle?  Other people I know can literally disappear for half an hour or so (Emma, Sharon, Vicki to name a few – consider yourself named and shamed but in a good way lol) and come back with a great piece that’s easy to read, interesting and funny at times yet here I am sat looking at my laptop quite literally drawing a blank again.

Is it because I don’t have a creative bone in my body. I wouldn’t consider myself creative in anyway shape or form really, well apart from being creative on the dancefloor :o) but not sure if that counts ….

They say if you’re drawing a blank or having a hard time to draw something it’s because you haven’t studied the subject enough …


Seems I must ‘study’ life a bit harder then maybe ?!

Lots of love

Jo xxx

Pictures courtesy of tukru.vampiresushi, Brainless Tales & Picture Quotes,



2 thoughts on “Lacking in Inspiration

  1. Wendy says:

    I always felt I lacked creativity because many members of my family are great at ‘art’ ‘photography’ ‘home design’ etc. until I went on an NLP course and was hypnotised by Dr Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP). I painted a large canvas in 20 minutes under hypnosis which I look at to remind myself that what we ‘believe’ about ourselves isn’t always true!! x

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  2. teamsequoiaatlifetreeworld says:

    Hi Wendy, it’s really interesting how our mind can work against us isn’t it. Self sabotage is such an easy habit to fall into and a really tough one to kick into touch. Thanks for sharing and I love the fact you’ve got a physical reminder that you can use!!! X


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