Keep Moving in an Orderly Fashion


Never one to follow rules I have always been the rebel, the black sheep. I was always top of the class for knowledge at school but when it came to rules? By heck, I was constantly in bother.


I remember the lining up ritual in the playground, “Keep moving in an orderly fashion!” Mrs Hiley used to shout. (We used to call her Mrs Highly Dangerous because you really needed to avoid her blackboard rubber when she threw it at you!) Of course, me being me, I never walked in any sort of orderly fashion and my ear was usually found pinched between a teacher’s finger and thumb as they dragged me to line up.


Thing is though, is it necessarily a bad thing to not follow the crowd? Should we constantly be lemmings following leaders off the edge of cliffs to our demise? Or should we actually encourage people to think critically? To question things? I mean, what sort of world would we have if we all just went along with what we were told? Nothing would change and the ones who want to dictate would continue dictating while we nodded our consent.


Anyway, I am proud to do things that aren’t classed as the norm, to not follow the usual 9-5 grind, which is probably why I decided to become a network marketer with Lifetree World. I love doing my own thing and getting results MY way, nobody elses, mine!


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very ethical person and wouldn’t break rules just for the fun of it. I work well within my team as we all work to our own strengths but I’m not dictated to, I choose what I do, as do my team mates. We’re all equal, all different, yet all equal. That’s what makes for a great team, we all have something different to bring to the table!


So, am I ashamed of not moving along in an orderly fashion? Am I heck, I move in whichever way my heart takes me and enjoy every minute.


All my love,

Sharon x

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