No U-TURNS allowed


Here I am again …. It seems that I have come to yet another fork in the road when it comes to my career – for my friends this probably won’t come as a surprise however I didn’t see this one coming quite so soon.

There is nothing that demoralises me more than feeling ineffective – in fact that’s why I left my last job. I was really excited about that job – I actually thought I could make a difference in the role I was in for a government agency because the job looked amazing …. on paper. The reality however was on the other end of the spectrum …. It went something like this – I was tasked, I investigated, I found evidence and put it forward for a team to ‘visit’. I would say 9 times out of 10 when it came down to it due to policies, laws and the system itself I didn’t actually make a damn difference at all …. I might have caused disruption – minimal at best. I just couldn’t see the point – I was paying nearly £4000 a year for a season ticket, being subjected to really stressful, unpredictable and jam-packed train journeys to achieve diddly squat.

The irony in all this for me was that on the day I was told that I was one of the top ‘performing’ officers and had received a bonus was the day that I handed my notice in.

So roll on a year later and here I am in my current role for a utility company – officially titled a Customer Liaison Officer however in reality I knock on people’s doors chasing money owed. The job itself is alright – I’m out and about all day, speaking to people, obviously everyone is not pleased to see me but on the whole …

So I found out on Thursday that the company is introducing a more secure payment line which in principle obviously is the way forward. I don’t want anybody’s card information to be vulnerable. Having now received the training and understanding the system, what it actually means for me is that I have effectively had my hands tied. I will no longer be in a position to bring money in for the company and help out our customers which is the crux of my job. You’re probably wondering what I mean by helping customers as in essence I’m chasing them for money – I don’t take the hard line with anybody even if they have a history of debt with the company. I’m there to help find a way forward for both them and the company. With this approach I have managed to form a working relationship with numerous customers who I have weekly and monthly arrangements with – I ring them as we have agreed and take the card payment. Now this may sound like molly coddling them however these customers are ones that have asked me for help as they struggle with managing their money and would rather be accountable to someone rather than be given a paypoint card which in their words would probably be shoved into a drawer and forgotten about. I even had one lady say to me just this week how our arrangement has reduced the amount of stress she feels as she knows it’s being taken care of. All this work has gone out the window now as I will no longer be able to process any of these regular card payments on behalf of my customers now due to the way the payment is actually processed. The responsibility is back on their shoulders and yes I know it should be as the should be bill payer … The reality is that they will be back in that cycle of not paying, amassing more debt and possible county court judgements being issued.

So here I am at yet another fork in my career path the burning question is what do I do now – do I jump aboard that rollercoaster ride of applying for jobs and interviews, focusing hours of my time on my cv and said applications or do I sit tight and concentrate on building up my multi-level-marketing business which is my ticket out of the daily grind….

Lots of love




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