Epitome of Happiness


So here I am sitting in the garden, enjoying the sunshine with my favourite tunes playing and a glass of wine in hand, my epitome of a perfect day!
My working week is pretty hectic what with childminding, helping out in a crèche and running my mlm business, all whilst raising four children, keeping a house in a semi reasonable state and ensuring my husband is kept busy with my latest DIY suggestions. It’s no wonder that by the end of the week I am ready to flop in a heap on the couch and not resurface until Monday morning!
Well I have a spring in my step today as as we made the impromptu decision to have a BBQ and everyone knows food, wine and music make for a happy mummy! As I sit here enjoying my Saturday I reflect on when I used to have to work at the weekend, how I hated it and how I empathise with all those that still do. I consider myself quite lucky as being self-employed offers me the flexibility to achieve a good work/life balance which means I get plenty of quality family time which I truly cherish. That being said I am aware that I need a plan for the future, I have no pension in place and although retirement is a good few years away yet I want to ensure that I am in a comfortable position when I do reach that point. I’m not one for following the masses and doing the sensible thing by paying into a private pension, I want to find something that I can do well into old age but that can provide me with a good enough income to retire comfortably……and I do believe I have found it in Lifetree World……. after all we all need to eat right?!

I have a dream for the future and where I see myself, fancy cars and houses I can honestly say are not of importance, I just want to be happy, live a comfortable life surrounded by family and friends enjoying life to the full. Just the simple things like sitting in the sunshine, listening to music, reading a good book…..to me those are the epitome of what happiness is all about!

Emma x


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