Dare to Dream


Funny how life rarely turns out how you expect it to. When I was a little girl I had the usual dreams of having a lovely, caring husband, a job I loved and beautiful children.

Don’t get me wrong, today I have a gorgeous husband, three beautiful girls and my own Lifetree World business that I love. However, it wasn’t going that way for a while.

At 17 I met someone I fell head over heels in love with, there was an age gap, but that didn’t matter in my eyes, as long as he cared for me and loved me. He did … for a few months…


It started with belittling, then, when I was worn down enough to accept more it escalated to physical abuse, you see, when you’re repeatedly told you’re useless, fat, ugly, nothing, you start to believe it, and believe it I did. I let go of the dreams I had as a little girl and started to accept this was my doing, it was my fault, after all I wasn’t really worth much obviously or he wouldn’t hurt me. If only I could change him, make him like me again, then I could prove to him, (and myself), I wasn’t as bad as he thought.

That didn’t happen and, looking back, was never going to. I hit rock bottom, a place I never want to see again. When my 5 year old child was hiding behind a sofa shouting for daddy to stop kicking mummy I knew I had to stop being a victim, I had to survive. The love I have for my children was what gave me strength, it still does today.

I got out that day, I became a survivor. I never looked back, yet I still felt I had something to prove, that I needed to earn people’s affection. I yearned for people to like me, my self esteem was pretty much zero.

Fortunately for me, a few years later I met my husband Steve, my rock. He has instilled in me self confidence, pride, happiness and strength. He made me believe that I can be whatever I put my mind to being.

He and my children are my why. My, why do I work as an artist, teach in a school, study for a degree and work my network marketing business Lifetree World. I want to give back to my beautiful family what they have given me, EVERYTHING!

So, the moral of this story? Never give up on your dreams, dare to keep those dreams going, don’t let ANYONE take them from you, because they are yours, they’re just waiting for you to have the courage to grab them.

All my love,

Sharon xx



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