SIMply Not!


So I have a question for you all ‘Have you ever tried to switch mobile provider?!’ Have you ever wondered why we remain loyal for years and years upon end? … I mean it’s not like we get any money back, in fact over the years we usually end up paying more!

Well I have the answer to this question, it’s simply because the minute we even remotely consider the notion of moving and make that initial call we are guaranteed to witness the biggest mobile switching saga of all time!!!

Mine began with what I thought was a well-researched thought out idea and seemed simple enough……. there is my first mistake……nothing is ever simple! I made the call, all I needed was a PUK code, I mean how hard could that be? Well after much toing and froing between departments I was finally given my code……hooray! I gleefully contacted my new provider with the infamous code and was advised I would need to wait for it to switch over and become activated, simple enough and this I can handle well until I realised there was a 24hr waiting period for activation, cue second scream!

Ok so we are there at last new SIM in and activated, phone charged, I am ready to hit the internet again and catch up on all my messages (anyone who works in MLM will know how critical this is!)……. I turn phone on……. WHAT!!!!! SIM not recognized!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME……cue third scream! At this point I was seriously considering just buying a new phone……that is how crazy this whole process had sent me. Once I calmed down and saw sense I calmly decided to ring my new provider who very kindly told me that I needed to contact my old provider for a code to unlock the phone grrrr. I won’t bore you with the details but as you can probably gather by now this was not straightforward either and took several more explanations, department passing and meditating on my part to stay sane!

So the moral of this story is never switch provider without a stiff drink to hand, a bar of choc to help hunger pangs whilst kept on the phone for hours on end and most importantly a pillow to scream into so the neighbours don’t think you have completely lost the plot!

Oh and Ps if you have a mobile number attached to the account, as I did for my son, be completely prepared that the idiot at the end of the phone is very likely to cancel both numbers! Needless to say one fraught mother and one very annoyed teenage son were the result of my ingenious idea to switch………never again!


Emma x





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