Something IN my Genes


So my question to you is what makes your heart SING?  What is it that excites and motivates you?

I was an ‘Army brat’ so I was fortunate enough to live abroad due to my dad’s postings.   We didn’t live full time here in the UK until I was 11 so I had plenty of adventures growing up.

That’s where my passion for travel comes from … I think it also explains why when I look at my career history I’ve changed roles every 2 – 3 years (which is the normal time frame for a posting).  Not that my mum and dad would agree.

So I’ve been trying to escape the UK pretty much since I was 11 (I’m still here by the way …. West Sussex in fact) and although I’ve made it quite far afield I always ended up having to come back – mainly due to lack of funds!

I was going to say I’ve been lucky enough but truth be told I had to work bloody hard in order to save up enough money to go travelling …twice.  The trips were 10 years apart, the first time I went I was 23.  I can say hand on heart that my second trip was THE best out of the two and THE best year of my life to date.

My passion for travel is what prompted me to look into network marketing that and the fact that I was closer than ever to reaching 40 and I wasn’t living the life that I wanted! There are still so many places to see and experience….


So I did a little bit of research and was amazed at what I found out

network marketing sectors

I didn’t personally know anybody that was involved in network marketing and earning serious money from it in fact I only knew a few people that did Avon on the side….I also didn’t realise how many Multi Level Marketing companies there were out there.

So back in March 2015 I started my network marketing career.   I developed a belief in the company and its products.  Now this obviously didn’t happen overnight but I had the vision and the enthusiasm.  I won’t bore you with the ins and outs but roll on a year later and I was no further forward and I felt like a complete and utter failure.  I knew it was me right, because people were earning, some even 6 and 7 figures …. It all came down to one thing that I realised I wasn’t happy with – SELLING.

So what to do now?  I was no nearer my dream of being able to sack the boss and travel more.….well thanks to Facebook I saw a post that piqued my interest.

So I asked for more information and I found:-

  • A company that was revolutionary in its concept
  • That I could get in at a grass roots level as it was founded in February 2015
  • Had seen consistent growth
  • Like any other multi level marketing company – uncapped income
  • I COULD EARN SIMPLY BY SHOPPING AND SHARING (redirect some of my normal shop through Lifetree World and share the idea)

I couldn’t believe there was something like this out there, just buy branded items and get paid for it … what’s more the company does genuinely want this opportunity to be accessible to anyone and everyone and I love that.  After all we all have to eat don’t we?!

I’m incredibly proud to be an Independent Business Owner with Lifetree World and part of Team Sequoia.



To top it all off, not only does the company offer great incentives but our wider team does as well and this was the latest update today….AMAZING


So if you’re not living the life you want then why don’t you just ask us how we can help you change it ….

These are just a few of the moments when I’ve quite literally been singing my heart out (silently) and why I can’t wait to experience more….

All my love

Jo xxx






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