Evolution of Man and Phone


The evolution of man is something that is so incredible it’s difficult to look at without gasping in awe at human kind’s evolutionary prowess. We have evolved so far without a backward glance, only aiming for a better future self. We’ve developed ways to communicate, from cave drawings to simple grunts whilst waving our clubs and thudding up and down from one foot to the other, (I can now hear a few of you ladies saying, “That’s what my husband does still.”)

When we look at human’s evolution of mobile phones however, it’s a totally different story! It’s gone from the original Binatone ‘BRICK’ phone that held it’s own in 80’s yuppie kingdoms along the Essex shore, held by a well dressed man in a designer suit and a filofax permanently attached to his free hand, to the latest Iphone, usually with designer smashed screen, that frequents many a teenager’s blazer pocket at school (and out of them when the teacher’s not looking).

Well I’ve recently spotted the BRICK phone making a comeback! Shock horror! Yes, we do tend to like all things retro lately, but some things should be left in the deep recesses of Flashy Fred’s Filofax surely! I wouldn’t want to have to use one of those bad boys for my Lifetree World business! Plus, if we start evolving backwards would that mean we’re revolving? Would we start sprouting hair all over and grazing our knuckles on the floor pure neanderthal style as we enter back into the stone age?

Not necessarily, there are a couple of good points! 1) The children at school wouldn’t be able to hide the BRICKS in their pockets anymore which would make my teaching job a lot easier catching the little lovelies phoning their friends instead of spouting Shakespearian style quotations and 2) They have added fun this time around with bluetooth capability and gaming etc.

But, and this is a big BUT.. (Sorry I like big buts and I cannot lie)..

Are we going to have to revive the bad perms and shoulder pads from the 80s? I HOPE NOT, first time around was enough for me!!

All my love,

Permless and shoulder padless,

Sharon x


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