Pensively Powerful


So who here has heard of Multi-Level Marketing……..wait STOP! I can see you rolling your eyes ready to hit the DELETE button!

I will admit I once sat as you are now, reading something similar and doing the exact same eye roll but after educating myself and some pensive reflection I saw the truth!!!

Perhaps you feel unsure about this network marketing malarkey and feel safe in the knowledge that day in and day out you have a steady, secure job with a wonderful boss……YEAH RIGHT! I believe the reality is more like this…….you hope you never get made redundant and work all the hours under the sun with a boss who could give Cruella de Vil a run for her money! Cruella-glenn-close-as-cruella-de-vil-32987552-500-275

Well I am here to offer you an option, something to consider and to help dispel some of those age old myths that cause us to panic and run the minute the word MLM is mentioned!

Have I got your attention?!

Well if I have hang about a bit longer whilst I attempt to share some misconceptions that I myself as a Lifetree World Independent Business owner have met and first thought myself. I may as well get a shameless plug into this blog and use this as my basis! 😁

For anyone that doesn’t know, Lifetree World (LTW) is a company just like any other, who sells goods just like any other, who has policies and procedures like any other……so what’s the big difference you say? You are the BOSS! That’s right the head honcho and not only do you get to decide how to run your business but you get to work with the people you choose too, pick the hours to suit you and can literally work from anywhere…….I fully intend to make the beach my office in the future!!! Now does that sound so bad?


Hang on a minute….what about that £35 pound I have to pay to sign up I hear you ask…..well quite simply that money pays for your entire back office and the start up to your own business……I suspect there is no business you could set up for £0 is there?

Ok….so I pay…..but then you will make money from me!…… not at all, it is entirely possible you could take off with this and steam ahead of me, perfect, I would be glad…….why you say?…….well because right there the age old pyramid scheme myth has been dispelled!

Alright so I made my first £200 then what?………you need to eat right?! Well then just keep shopping and sharing, over time your team will grow as will your bonuses and I am pretty sure when your shopping is paid for you will feel like the cat that got the cream!

Hang on I hear you say, how am I supposed to build that team that is mentioned in slide number 16 onwards!……. simple… Team Sequoia we offer 100% support and guidance all the way through, from help on social platforms to pre-designed advertising material, we have all the tools you need to get started, with access to our own team website and app!

Ok that’s great……but I still don’t get how the plan works! Well quite simply have you ever played Monopoly?! Super easy right! Well take a look at our Shopopoly!


I’m sure I may have lost some of you before you have reached this point and that’s fine, for the ones still reading this why not take that chance to find out and celebrate with us when we are sailing the sea of success!!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 21.13.04

All my love Emma,

Team Sequoia at Lifetree World xx


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