Life can be so random sometimes I think …. or is it?


I was just thinking how an opportunity can come our way so unexpectedly yet when you look at the path you’ve been on – it’s not such a surprise after all.

Let me explain – I’m involved in network marketing and never in a million years did I think I would ever have my own business, yet here I am.   How did I come to be in this business? Well I met Claire Dixon through another network marketing company and truth be told I happened to notice a post of Facebook about her new business that got me intrigued …

So from the comfort of my sofa I unashamedly Facebook stalked her and saw her business start to DEVELOP, so much so that when I saw this next post it decided it for me.

So I joined the business and was placed in her downline under Emma and alongside Sharon and Vicki.

we don't meet people by accident

When I say we, I mean us the fabulous four and our respective teamies, have now found the vehicle that can change our lives all by simply doing our grocery shopping and sharing the opportunity.


We have been consistent in our daily activities and we’re starting to reap the benefits

  • Our respective teams are starting to EXPAND
  • Our followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have all been on the INCREASE.
  • Our self confidence and belief knows no bounds and continues to GROW

We all want to BE SUCCESSFUL and that will not be to the detriment of anybody. We’re in this together and the beauty of this business is that we want you, our potential business partners to DO WELL and SUCCEED.

As part of Team Sequoia we will help you build up a business that will THRIVE and FLOURISH.


All the best,

Jo x



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