Aye up down South, from us up North!


Aye up lads and lasses,

Naaar then, I’m gonna let you in on a few stereotypes us lot up ‘ere ‘av of you lot down south. Call it pay back for you lot thinking we all wear flat caps and own at least 10 whippets! 😉


Eeh bah gum!

I’ve been to ‘t’ big capital, where everyone who talked to me wanted me to do a Peter Kay impression. “It’s spittin'” I’d say, referring to the not too worrying amount of rain, “Ya know, that fine stuff that gets ya wet!” What a hoot!

When you ask how long my Dad wa’ down ‘t’ coal mine I reply, “Abart as long as yours were up ‘t’ chimney”.

And by heck, ya can’t stand ‘t’ cold can ya! Bit of a breeze and you’re wrapped up like eskimos, (as opposed to your usual pearly king attire). Our Yorkshire lasses go out on night outs in the middle of winter with less material than you lot have on yer silk tuxedo pocket hankies!

Thar’s another thing, where’s thar lot get off charging mi life’s savings for a thimble full of wine? (Note I usually have pints of best Yorkshire bitter but for some reason I always feel the need to drink big softie drinks anywhere south of Birmingham to fit in with the posh folk!)


Glad the drinks are larger measures in Yorkshire!

Anyway, hope you good old southerners can take a joke, I’m only kidding ya all, love ya really. (I actually work with teamies from down south with my Lifetree World business and love it).

Yorkshire is STILL the best thing since sliced bread though and ya can’t deny that can ya 😉

Lots of love your big Yorkshire pudding,

Single Yorkshire Pudding for cut out Keywords: Baking Batter source: FOODPIX

Sharon xx






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