Hit the snooze Monday blues!


So as Buddy Holly sang, today was indeed ‘Blue Monday!’………that dreaded feeling when the alarm goes off at 7am and you realise you now need to start the week over counting down the days once again until you get to Saturday!


I always have the best intentions on a Sunday, to start the week fresh faced, on time and to get everyone ready calmly and methodically, with military precision! It really is laughable as instead it goes a little like this……….alarm, hit alarm and snooze, alarm again, hit and proceed to check facebook (swear I have an addiction!) and then at 7:40am………yes I know you would think I would learn!!! I suddenly panic, screech for the kids to get up, frantically scramble for clothes, get the kids dressed and fed whilst trying to break up the constant bickering between my two youngest! We then pile out of the door in a desperate bid to make it on time…….quite proud to say this is achieved 99% of the time!
Once the school rush is over I get to come home and clear up the carnage from the morning in preparation for my job as a childminder. I would like to point out I am much more organised in this role!!! I look after several children and I absolutely love my job, infact I really can’t see myself ever doing anything else, well except from earning by grocery shopping through Lifetree World.

My afternoons tend to be mellower but dinner time it is what can only be described as a………demolition derby! Dishing dinner up to 5 very hungry children always reminds me of the pizza scene in Home Alone (one of my fave films by the way!) We get there though and before I know it 6pm has arrived and my working day is over.

This is pretty much the standard repeat for the rest of the week and Buddy certainly hit it on the head when he said Sunday he had to get his rest because I agree Mondays are always a mess!

All my love, all my kisses



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