Wilting willpower of a wannabe doughnut devourer


I don’t know about you but I tend to ‘try’ and be healthy during the week and then come the weekend, well I like to have a treat…or two…or more.
In reality I don’t do too bad during the week mainly because I’m out the house and on the road for work. That being said I have learnt not to take my purse with me and to just have spare change should I need to use a parking meter! I learnt this lesson the hard way though – when I first got this job I must’ve spent a small fortune in the supermarkets mainly due to me having to use their facilities. Walking through those doors and all my senses being subjected to the sights and smells of doughnuts, muffins and other delights to the point where I’m salivating (or is that just me?)… Oh my goodness the Sainsburys where I stop off at smells amazing – there’s nothing quite like the smell of jam doughnuts!!! My willpower being what it was (and still is to be fair) could not withstand these tests which would mean that I didn’t leave empty handed very often.
So now I’ve got the weekdays covered it’s just the weekends…Saturday night is my normal treat night (she says – it is when my other half isn’t around anyway). This week my routine was rudely shattered as he was home (Is it wrong to feel miffed? Especially as we don’t get many weekends together). As they say every cloud and that… My silver lining was Steve nipping out to the local Tesco Express this evening and buying the goodies pictured below. Well not all actually because we troughed the Terry’s Chocolate minis before it even crossed my mind to take a pic before practically inhaling the Vienetta.
As I’m finishing this off we’re working our way through the Buttons… You’ve probably worked out that I was that kid that used to come home from parties with tummy ache! All I can say is that at 40 something my threshold has improved! Now off to prepare my salad for tomorrow…
Lots of love
Jo xxxx

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