Swimming Against The Tide


Underestimate the stress of shopping with children at your peril! I’d been looking forward to a bit of retail therapy with my daughters, bliss!! I was thinking, well, just one pair of shoes, a new handbag, a couple of shirts for work now the summer’s thinking of arriving, you know how it is.

Well, in the future when shopping for myself I will shop on my own, nobody to explain to or referee. Yep, I took 2 of my daughters. You’d think at 18 and 10 they’d get on? Oh how wrong that assumption was haha. I would rather do a stint in Alcatraz than take both of them together again. One on one? Fab. Together?? Errrm, let me think about that.. NOPE. I went in to that shopping centre looking quite good, I came out looking like the Hulk!


Grrrr!! Stress!! Not only was I swimming against the tide of shoppers (why is there an unwritten rule which way to walk down the aisles and why is it I’m always the ONLY one going the right way??) I was now official referee and nominated clothes holder for my girls. Long gone were the aspirations of leisurely browsing until I spotted what I liked, now it was stop the girls killing each other and don’t make eye contact with the next person you accidentally bump into!!

On a brighter note, both my girls got some lovely bargains. I however, got a headache!! 😉

All I can say is, thank goodness I do my grocery shopping online with Lifetree World. Phew!!

Have a great weekend folks, all my love, Sharon xx


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