Nailed It …. Just

How I have made it to the ripe old age of thirty-something with all my friends and own teeth in tact, really is a mystery!!
I start most days waking up…. (Correction – I have a four year old)….. I start most days being WOKEN up, and generally feeling pretty chipper! (Apart from also questioning how the hell it’s morning, why I didn’t get to bed earlier the night before and whether a child has a snooze button hidden somewhere??)
I begin the day with GREAT intentions – mainly with the thought of enjoying a quick 10 minute meditation, sipping a glass of hot water and lemon and squeezing in my 5k run all before skipping off to my day job as a Software Tester!
Truth be told, my morning ‘meditation’ ACTUALLY means having another 10 minute snooze. My hot water and lemon is REALLY a gulp of the day old glass of squash by my bed and that 5k run….. Yeah….. It sounds good in my imagination – in reality I can’t climb my stairs without secretly praying that a few of those pesky steps would disappear over night!!
So, instead of looking like one of those pristinely pruned models from the dove deodorant ad, I look like a hot mess in no state to face the world let alone step out of the house and pretend to be an adult! I mean, come on – we’re all winging it really! Aren’t we? Or am I the only one wondering how I’m supposed to act as an adult when I still won’t go upstairs at night without putting the light on first??!
I’ve never really been great with technology either – which, taking into account the industry I work in, is slightly amusing if not worrying! I can’t even work out how to sync my mobile…. Whatever ‘sync’ actually means!
With that in mind, I still toddle off to the Card Factory every December to buy my trusty paper diary for the coming year! Pink, glittery, covered in Unicorns; the louder the better!
This little diary gets me through doing all the adulty type stuff I’m expected to do in life, and at the right time each day! I rely on this little book of empty lines more than I rely on myself!! Which is why I have no idea how on earth I have managed to sit outside my chiropractors for half an hour on Tuesday evening, before finally ‘double checking’ my diary and discovering I was early….. TWO DAYS EARLY!!!! Then this evening, I was pottering about after taking a half day off work before heading to get my holiday nails done,  when at about 6:15pm I ‘checked’ my magic little book again only to discover my appointment WASN’T at 6:30pm tonight (as I had thought) but at 6pm!! I still had to get cash out too!!! I scrabbled for Laura’s number to call and grovel for my abysmal mishap whilst hatching a plan to get some cash out on the way!! Anyway ….. You’ll all be pleased to know, I made it!
The lovely Laura Nails wasn’t cross and made another beautiful job of my finger tips and I made it through another day…. JUST…… I kind of made some adulty choices too – like choosing a virgin Pina Colada at lunch, what time the little person went to bed and which wine to drink tonight but it seems the moral of the story is:
1: I CAN’T be trusted to be an adult!
2: A paper diary is fantastic….. If you READ IT!!!
3: Being a Lifetree World Business Owner STILL hasn’t ignited my ‘organised’ streak….
4: Making it through the day with a smile on your face is more important than how you get through it! So plaster that smile on and let the rest of the day do the hard work!
Lots of love,
Vicki xxxx

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