The Vacation Panic Station!

Do you ever wonder what an overweight thirty something mum of one wears on her first beach holiday since losing her waistline somewhere in the bottom of a mound of takeaway boxes?? Yeah – me too!!

To say I’m embarrassed of my shape nowadays is a bit of a whopper! I am MIGHTY self-conscious of where I’ve got to but I know it’s all just down to my eating habits so I can’t sit and complain!
Mind you – since joining Lifetreeworld, I’ve been enjoying far too many cookies and treats after doing the ‘add to basket’ trick more times than one person really should!
I think perhaps I need to focus more on the chopped tomatoes and rice for a while…..maybe indefinitely!!

Time to do something about it before our holiday arrives……. Oh wait!! That’s less than a week away!!!

Oh my….!!!!

The horror and excitement when I realised this, was profound! The thought of exposing more skin than my usual limit of ankles and wrists sends my crisp eating hand into a quaver …. Ooops my bad …. quiver!! But it’s going to happen so I NEED to get some sort of ‘swimwear’ organised…. And PRONTO…. So, off I trot, (with my freshly painted holiday tootsies), to the mega sale at good old BHS!

I selected an array of beautifully coloured tankinis! These magical inventions that mean I don’t have to share my tummy with the world ….(unless I feel like it….) but am able to feel like a young mum and not a plus size mum trying to hide my body!! They’re simply inGENIUS! Who’d have thought it?

So clearly, I have bought four in different colours, (plus a swim suit incase of a super self-conscious day), plus another from good old Asda! I feel, prepared.

So, I WILL be showing more than just my Kankles and wrists …. And I WILL be in that pool making a fool of myself!! This is our first family holiday abroad and my husband is about to embark on a new future as he leaves his job and I will be the Belle of the poolside in my pretty ‘I’m a big girl but right now I don’t care’ tankini’s…….

Happy holidays,

Love Vicki xxxx



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