Happy Hump Day

Funny how you can always get up after a late night when you’re not going to work, or is that just me?

Today made a really nice change as a) I was off work and b) I got to mix business with pleasure.

When I first looked at Lifetree World I asked a couple of friends who had network marketing experience if they had heard of them, they hadn’t but could see the potential and that got me even more excited. I trusted my gut instinct but to have them confirm what I already thought… well….

I had sent them some info and left it with them, one friend soon came back and said that it wasn’t for her as she didn’t want to take anything else on and then Cheryl messaged me to say that she was definitely interested and would like to come on board. Result.

I’ve got previous network marketing experience and before, every ‘no’ used to cripple me with self doubt and anxiety and every ‘yes’, well, filled me immediately with angst – the responsibility of showing them the ropes and more to the point I knew how hard I had found it to sell anything, so would they find the same and would they be able to earn (decently) from it. So really I couldn’t win could I.

When my friend said ‘no’, I felt fine… Not the I’m fine on the outside but inside I just want to curl up and hide from the world because I’ve been rejected again kinda fine (this might sound overly dramatic, however trust me on this one because having heard 100’s of no’s and hardly any yes’ it gets kinda soul destroying). I did actually feel fine.

Then Cheryl said yes and I was so bloomin excited, I couldn’t wait to meet up and go through everything and get her on board.

So today was the day and even the train and tube journey to Covent Garden didn’t take the edge off my excitement. It was so lovely to see Cheryl, catch up and put the world to rights – I even got treated to lunch @ Jamie’s Italian (great service & fab food btw).

So Cheryl is all signed up and ready to shop and that quite simply is it, that’s all she has to do. What’s more I’m not full of angst or anything else that remotely resembles worry…Why? Because there is NO selling…I can show people how their shopping can eventually pay for itself and earn more besides. Today I took another step closer to sacking the boss, today was a really good day.

p.s I made a blogging faux pas in not taking any pics (epic fail) so I can only apologise x


Lots of love Jo xx




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