Indiana Sharon and the Epic Crusade!

Well, what can I say, amazing weather!! I’m loving it, hope you guys are too!!

I still can’t believe I get to sit in my garden with the family I love knowing my food cupboard is stocked and actually earning me money! Loving the carefree lifestyle I’ll be able to have one day with Lifetree World.

Much as the pictures look relaxing, the beginning of the day wasn’t!! Geena, my youngest daughter really, really, REALLY wanted a paddling pool on Sunday and with it being so hot I thought why not, I’ll just pop down the road and get her one. How hard can that be? PAH!

I spent an hour wading through umpteen shops with no luck and by this time I was in need of jumping in the pool myself!!

Finally I nipped into Asda at Wyke and thought, they won’t have one in here, it’s only small. Lo and behold, what could I see spying at me? A PADDLING POOL!! Whoopeee!! The last one on the shelf too! I’ve never been so ecstatic to see a lump of inflatable plastic in my life, well, there was that time at a mate’s hen do!! Anyway, I bought it and happily made my way home. I think I actually love you Asda!

Got home and looked for the pump to blow it up. Where on earth had I put it?? AAAAAGHHH!! Oh well, just as well I’m full of hot air. My husband Steve and I managed to blow it up within half an hour and the rest of the sunny day was ours!


PS. The dogs had a lovely time in the sunshine too, why do dogs want to sunbathe with fur coats on?

Lots of love,



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